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Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable but occurs so often due to lack of education.

It's Possible!

You Can Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Once damage to the inner ear begins, the structures are vulnerable and further damage is easier. There are many types of custom and non-custom options for recreational and occupational uses. If you are around loud sounds often, consider investing in a pair of comfortable, custom earplugs.

Custom Hearing Protection by Stinson Audiology

Your plugs will be made for your specific use.

Improve Your Overall Sound Quality

Noisy activities like cutting the grass, car racing, going to loud concerts or playing musical instruments all can cause hearing loss in the long term. Stinson Audiology offers custom noise protection that is made just for you and your needs. We can provide you with better protection and more comfort than over-the-counter products.

Noise Protection

Digital Noise Protection

Specialty- Sleep, Swim, Motorcycle, Etc.

Musician or Concerts

Love concerts? Do you play an instrument in the local band? Music can get pretty loud and needs to be turned down but we don’t always have that control. Foam earplugs alter the sound quality of the music, but custom filtered music buds keep the music at a high-fidelity input. They simply turn it down.

Earbud Retention

Do standard earbuds hurt your ears? Do your earbuds fall out while working out? We can help! Bring in your earbuds and we’ll build custom molds just for you and your brand of buds. Airpod style available!

Law Enforcement / Pilot / Radio Molds

More Options

For Your Custom Ear Protection

Are you a musician? When you’re on-stage, it’s important to hear yourself at your best. It’s also important to protect your hearing so you can keep playing for years to come. The days of loud amplifiers and external monitors are fading, and in-ear monitors or filtered musician’s earplugs are some of the best options to experience the whole picture while protecting yourself from harmful noise levels.

Custom Hearing Protection by Stinson Audiology Services

In-Ear Stage Monitors

Custom Stage monitors give you balanced sound and pure, rich tones for total control of your stage mix. Custom made and fit to your ears, they offer superior sound isolation, eliminating the need for traditional stage wedge monitors.

Audio or Fitness Enthusiasts

Ideal for today’s smartphones, gaming devices, computers and more, custom audio monitors (headphones) provide unmatched sound quality. Custom-fit to you and your ears, these monitors block out unwanted noise while delivering the ultimate in comfort and crystal-clear sound clarity.

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