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A Caring Approach To Hearing Health.

Our philosophy is very simple, the patient always comes first. In this day and age of big box stores and corporate run audiology clinics, we take a simpler approach. We focus on providing more individualized, and higher quality hearing services.  

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Hearing Aids

Made for iPhone hearing aids and rechargeable batteries that are on the forefront right now.


Service Plans

On existing & new hearing aids can include cleaning, repair, batteries, & free trials.

Ear Wax Removal-Service-in-the-Lehigh-Valley

Wax Removal

Earwax bcan cause a variety of hearing related problems and even vertigo.


Hearing Testing

It is recommended all adults get their hearing tested even if they are not experiencing symptoms

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Protection

Better hearing protection & more comfort than over-the-counter products.

Experience Dizziness?

Vestibule Screenings. Fall Risk Assessments. Treatment For Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo.

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